The perfect kitchen floor

 The perfect kitchen floor, whether or not you like to cook, sounds like a dream to say. To clarify, a kitchen is a very demanding room. We spend a lot of time in it. Therefore, its floor is heavily exploited. It’s not just about heavy traffic. Above all, it is about other factors with which the kitchen floor comes into contact. Something will fall. Something’s going to fall apart. Something’s gonna fight. Something will spill. Something will break. This can be changed over and over again. The kitchen floor takes many “blows” a day. For example, dripping water from a sink, gushing fat from a pan, a glass falling from your hands straight onto the floor … In other words, these micro injuries can damage the floor in our kitchen…

What is the perfect kitchen floor?

So what’s the perfect kitchen floor? First of all, one that we like! In today’s world of unlimited choice, we are able to present you with several suggestions! Read on and decide for yourself which floor is best for you!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the most popular choice of flooring. They are suitable for all rooms. In addition, they have a wide range of patterns and colors. When deciding on floor panels for the kitchen, it is worth paying attention that they are resistant to moisture and damage. In addition, high resistance to staining will be an advantage. As a result, the floor is easy to keep clean. Despite the resistance, it is worth wiping off all dirt on a regular basis! This will keep our floor in good condition for a long, long time! Moreover, if you like to prepare your breakfast barefoot, remember that the laminate flooring works well with underfloor heating!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

The perfect kitchen solution! First, it’s very easy to assemble! Second, a huge selection of patterns! Starting from wood imitation, through marble, to interesting drawings! For sure, everyone will find something for themselves! Just like laminate flooring, vinyl floors are suitable for underfloor heating! Most importantly, you can easily use them when upgrading. Are you wondering about laminate flooring or vinyl flooring? We have described the differences here, read!

Real Wood

Beauty, classic … Wooden floor in the kitchen? Very demanding. First, you need to use special detergents for wooden floors. Second, water and moisture cause the floor to warp. Certainly, exotic trees are suitable for a kitchen floor. They are hard and resistant to moisture. Additionally, oak and beech will be good choices.

What to choose – perfect kitchen floor?

In short, a kitchen is a very demanding room. Therefore, it needs a demanding floor. In conclusion, it is worth choosing between laminate flooring and a vinyl floor. You will find a lot of inspiration on our Instagram!