LVT or laminate flooring

LVT or laminate flooring? Today we will help you make that important choice! First of all, we will present the differences between LVT and laminate flooring.

Implementation of LVT or laminate flooring

LVT is made of PVC-based materials that guarantee its durability. Therefore, it has longer guarantees. In addition it’s warmer and quieter. Laminate is made using an environmentally friendly method, which is undoubtedly its great advantage. Tiny pieces of wood pulp pressed under high pressure. As a result, it is practical and inexpensive.

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As already mentioned, LVTs are made of PVC-based materials, which guarantees them 100% waterproofness. That is why they are often chosen for bathrooms, but not only that, such a guarantee gives much more freedom in choosing the design. There are laminate floors that are specially marked that are waterproof. Unfortunately, can be damaged, so you should get rid of spilled liquids as soon as possible.

Floor heating

When it comes to underfloor heating, it doesn’t matter whether you choose LVT or laminate flooring. In other words, in both cases it is possible to install a heating system. Both floors are able to withstand temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius.

Scratch resistance

It should be noted that both of these floors, thanks to the durable wear layer, are resistant to all kinds of scratches. In other words, they are suitable for rooms with high traffic. The advantage of LVT floors, in case of scratches, is the possibility of covering with a new wear layer. This is not possible with laminate flooring. In case of damage, a specific tile or board can be replaced.

Installation of LVT and laminate flooring

LVT floors require the use of glue during installation. It is a complex process that requires experience and is best performed by a professional. Laminate floors are laid on an underlay, after prior joining using the built-in mechanism. Neither nails nor glue are needed for them. Most importantly, they do not require installation by a professional fitter.

This is a photo from placed in London


Firstly, in both cases, the production of the project consists in printing a high-resolution photo on the board or disc. The photography is covered with a scratch-resistant utility foil with the option of a textured finish and bevelled edges. LVT has a huge selection of wood and stone tile patterns. Therefore, by choosing this type of flooring, you can create almost any design you can imagine. Meanwhile, laminate floors imitate wooden planks. In conclusion, both types have their pros and cons. However, we hope that we have helped you dispel any doubts. Be sure to check out our instagram to stay up to date with us.