Laminate flooring

For a huge choice on quality laminate flooring to suit any room in your house or working premises, come to ASC Flooring Ltd.  We provide laminate and the installation services you need to get your floors looking just the way you want them.  We can guide you through the entire process of designing how you would like your chosen laminate floors to look, with more choice than you can possibly imagine.

We are so much more than just a provider of flooring, but as we want you to be completely happy with your fitting, we offer a range of options with our laminate flooring UK commercial and domestic customers can benefit from.  We therefore, not only provide designs in different styles, but can make suggestions from our range that we feel will meet with your requirements.

Flooring can be one of the costliest purchases you make when renovating a room, home and business premises.  It can also be hugely influential, and impact on the choice of other furnishings and colour schemes you have.  Therefore, if you want it to last for years to come, picking the right laminate is paramount.  As each room has a particular style, and the shape every room is always unique, we recognise that having a range of options makes the whole process of renovating either just the floor, or the whole room, a lot easier for our customers.  You can choose from the Finsa range, or the Ettude 22.  Simply ask our professional sales team and laminate floor fitters if you require more information.

For laminate that looks like real wood, to flooring that looks like tiling, if you want a particular look in your home there is no shortage of options when it comes to the laminate flooring Richmond domestic and commercial customers can have fitted.  Laminate is the ideal choice for any room in the home, whether it’s a room of relaxation such as the bedroom or lounge, or a room of activity such as the bathroom, kitchen, playrooms and so forth.

If you would like a mixture, even in one room, of two or more different designs – perfect for open plan homes, large business rooms, entrances, offices with pods and booths, restaurants and large café’s – we can measure up to create the exact look for you.  Using two or three different types of laminate is a great way to divide up an area without loosing that lovely open space and airiness.  If you have a business where you encourage team work amongst your staff, but also need them to have their own space to work individually when the need arises, then mixing up the flooring designs can give everyone the feel of having their own working area, without isolating them entirely.  Equally, it can make a home and family feel connected but help to clarify the particular areas you have in your home, allocated for specific purposes.  We will make the whole thing blend seamlessly.

So, if you have been looking online for ‘laminate flooring near me’, come to us for the best laminate flooring available, as well as the best installation team for the job.  Contact us today.

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