Renovation of wooden floors

Renovation of wooden floors. These floors are divided into oiled and varnished. Additionally, in the previous article we mentioned floor repair in general. However, today we are focusing on the renovation of oiled wooden floors and the renovation of varnished wooden floors.

Renovation of oiled wooden floors

Oiled floors need to be renewed more often than varnished floors. As a result, it is considered normal to refresh the floor twice a year. However, the most important thing is the frequency of use of a given area. When preparing the floor, focus on cleaning it thoroughly. Also, remember not to wet the floor too much. Avoid excess moisture. We move on to oiling.

Firstly, apply oil to the floor and spread it evenly over the surface with a paint roller.
Secondly, after 8-10 hours with a new roller, apply a second coat of oil.
Most importantly, it is better to apply two thin layers than one thick layer to avoid a sticky finish!
After 24 hours, you can move around the room very carefully.
When 3 days have passed, you can bring light furniture.
After 10 days you can lay carpets and bring in heavy furniture.

Renovation of varnished wooden floors.

Are you the owner of a varnished wooden floor? Nurture her! This will help her survive several decades in very good condition. To clarify, there are two ways to take care of your floor. Of course, apart from daily hygiene. It is repainting and restoration. Has your floor gained some new scratches? Plus, has it lost its shine? Maybe it is enough to paint it again? Plus, if you are into DIY you can do it yourself!


In short, we have described how you can deal with your wooden floor. All in all, follow us on Instagram, we add a lot of useful content there! In the next article, we will introduce you to floor painting and renovation! Please wait impatiently.