How to repair the floor

How to repair the floor? Is it even possible? These questions come to mind when our floor is damaged. Additionally, the floor wears out. As a result, we want to refresh it. So, we have written many times about how to take care of floors. Today we will focus on the renovation of floors. Most floors need to be refurbished after a while. For the sake of clarification, when we see the first signs of wear, it does not mean that the floor can only be replaced. See how to give your floor a second life.

How to repair a laminate floor?

When you notice scratches or dents on your laminate floor, you should use a repair kit. In other words, it serves to fill in imperfections. It is not an easy task. You need to mix the wax colors properly to match the laminate. Such wax fills scratches and dents. A special tool will do it.

Vinyl Floor

The surface of the vinyl floor is not wooden. Well, it is not necessary to sand the floor surface . You can see the finish has faded. There are light scratches on the floor. Consequently, the old finish must be removed and a new coat of floor sealant must be applied. How to do it?

1. Firstly, buy a suitable vinyl floor remover. Mix it in a bucket of cold water according to the instructions on the package.

2. Secondly, apply the cleaner to the floor. The floor will be slippery and wet when the trim is removed. Please be careful

3. Thirdly, use a mop to remove any residue.

4. Fourthly, thoroughly remove any debris and dust. A vacuum cleaner will help you with this. Do it very carefully. Otherwise, the dirt will settle in the vinyl tiles.

How to apply a new finish?

1. Firstly, mop the finish across the grain.

2. The first coat should dry for 30 minutes.

3. Apply a second coat. This time, rub it along the jars! Two thin, evenly spaced layers should suffice.

4. The last layer should dry for about 12 hours!

Wooden Floor

Repairing a wooden floor is a complicated process. Much depends on the type of flooring. Is it an oiled floor? Varnished? Layered? Lita? There are as many solutions as there are types of flooring. Additionally, in the next article we will describe the renovation of varnished wooden floors and the renovation of oiled wooden floors. Be sure to stay with us!

In summary, damage to the floor does not write it off. In addition, keep these tips so you know what to do if your floor is damaged. Stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll talk about repairing wooden floors! In addition, do you follow us on Instagram? We post interesting posts regularly, so if you haven’t already, follow us!