How to clean the floor

How to clean the floor? How should I care for my floor? What mop to use? What cleaning agents? These questions, and many others, arise as soon as the excitement about the new floor subsides. Today we come to your aid! In one article you will find information on cleaning your floors!

Choosing a mop

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The most important issue in caring for the floor is its thorough vacuuming before each cleaning. Certainly, the easiest way to clean the floor is with a microfiber cloth. Therefore, the mop head should be made of microfiber. An alternative to standard floor cleaning is a steam mop. In short, the steam forced against the floor surface under high pressure removes dirt. After that, it evaporates. The continual injection of moisture between the layers of the floor can cause the floor to swell, curl or remove the laminate. Also, it will eventually detach the layers. A steam mop can damage laminate, laminate, vinyl and solid wood floors. These can be discoloration, warping, cracks, bubbles, or a tarnishing finish.

How to clean the floor – measures

Do not use bleach-based products! First, there are products that are typically designed for a given surface. When choosing a floor cleaner, read the labels! If you have panels, choose a panel cleaning product. Most importantly, always use them according to the instructions on the package! Then you can be sure that the floor will be intact and shiny!

Wooden floor

Have you read our previous articles? We have already written about engineered wood flooring. It is an investment for years to look beautiful. Wooden floors are durable. However, we can help them preserve that beauty for longer. Most importantly, remember to sweep or vacuum regularly! Wipe the floor with a specially designed agent once a week. Additionally, rub it along the grain of the boards! Sand scratches the floors – try not to wear shoes. Keep pets’ claws trimmed. To move furniture, lift it.

Vinyl floor

The care of vinyl floors is very similar to that of wooden ones. Consider placing the doormats by the door. First, they trap moisture. Second, they keep the sand scratching the floor. Remember not to use a wet mop. The microfiber cloth should be wrung out properly. It is harmful to the vinyl floor when wearing high heels and hard-soled shoes.

Laminate floor

The rules for caring for a laminate floor are the same as those described above. Also, be sure to pay attention to cut edges when sweeping. In order to explain, they collect dust. Do not use soap-based preparations. The soap leaves an undesirable, matte layer on the floor. Additionally, be sure to wipe off any water that has been spilled. Never leave it to be absorbed. In other words, such a puddle can cause the floor to delaminate.

So, how to clean the floor?

In conclusion, there are a few rules to follow. Remember them, or write them down on a piece of paper and hang them in a prominent place. Consequently, this will help you keep your floors beautiful, clean, intact for a long, long time. Take a look at our Instagram, where we will briefly describe how to take care of floors!