Durable engineered wood flooring

Durable engineered wood flooring is the perfect combination of classic style and strenght.  More and more people are opting for this timeless type of flooring. These several layers of wood combined into one durable product will finally take your breath away.

Engineered wood flooring the best option

Firstly, they look virtually the same, so it’s the perfect choice for a modern home. In other words, this type of flooring has only advantages. Highly exploited rooms, such as a kitchen or a living room, need a floor that looks stunning. Above all, without the dents, scratches and discoloration that are typical of classic wooden floors.

Construction of the engineered wood flooring

The top layer is made of real wood. Therefore, as a result, you choose your preferred wood and have the floor of your dreams. Durable engineered wood flooring keeps its shape and condition. In other words, it does not warp when surface damage accumulates. Its durability is due to layers of plywood under the real wooden finish. Most importantly, it will be perfect for underfloor heating.

The perfect choice

It is an ideal choice for home and apartment owners on a budget to buy a durable floor. But on the other hand, they still need something that pays off.

The durability guarantee

To sum up, engineered wood flooring is ideal for frequently used places. Above all, it can withstand a large number of steps and is easy to clean. If you take care of your floor properly, it will serve you intact for many years.

Check out our offer of engineered wooden floors

Our offer includes engineered wood planks and herringbone engineered wood. We would like to remind you that most of our products we supply from European producers of wooden floors. We have a huge selection of designs and colors. Everyone will surely find something for themselves. Do not hesitate to buy.