Installing A Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) click system

Installing a luxury vinyl tiles floor doesn’t have to be difficult. In other words, the assembly can be done by yourself. We wrote about the advantages of vinyl flooring here. Plus, you’ll find a vinyl versus laminate comparison there. Today we will tell you step by step how to install a vinyl floor.


The substrate should be even, flat and dry. As a result, any unevenness must not exceed 3mm in thickness. In order to clarify, in order to level larger unevenness, it is enough to use cement leveling compounds or ready-made self-leveling compounds. However, before we lay the vinyl planks, we should use additional insulation. A moisture-proof PE foil with a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm is suitable for this. In the meantime, we will prepare the necessary tools: a tape measure, pencil, adhesive tape, spacers and a hand or electric ball.

Installing a vinyl floor – step one

We always lay the floor in the direction of the light in the room. Also, we start along the wall where the door is located. The dilatation distance from the walls and each fixed element of the room is 10mm. Press blocks will help us to obtain a gap.

Step two

Place the first board with the tongue towards the wall, so that its tongue is facing the other side. Next, arrange the boards in rows. Raise the end of the board to be installed at the right angle, positioning its tongue against the groove of the previously laid panel. Then press the pen down and lower the element freely.

Step three

Moreover, if it is necessary to cut the last plank in a row, do it with a 10 mm expansion gap.

Fourth step

We start the next row with the element that was cut off during the installation of the last board from the previous row. Additionally, let’s take into account the fact, that the displacement of the leading edges of the boards in subsequent rows should not be less than 30 centimeters.

Step five

Next, we need to measure the width of the boards and, if necessary, cut them to the correct size. We have to fill the entire floor with them. After that, we lay out the last row. Then, finally, fix the skirting boards to the wall.

Installing a vinyl floor

To sum up, installing a vinyl floor is not really heavy. We are free to do this ourselves. If you are looking for a vinyl floor that is right for you, check out our Instagram. Sometimes you can find a discount code with us! Watch us!