What We Do ?

ASC Flooring Company – wooden and laminate floors

ASC Flooring was established in 2008 out of a combination of passion and love for beautiful, carrefouly made floors. Our mission is to pay great attention to details, therefore our products are guaranteed by the best materials. We operate in London and its neighbouring areas. We supply wooden and laminate flooring. Our company provide a full fitting service for domestic and commercial spaces, so we will help you match species, grain and cut of your new wooden floors to make tchem consistent with the floors in your home.

Our client = satisfied client.

We have many years of experience, so there are no ‘floor problems’ for us that we would not be able to solve. Our qualified team is very helpful and knowing the client’s needs, consequently their great commitment are able to answear all your questions. As a result everything this make us a company that provides services at the highest level. It is worth mentioning our competitive prices, which we carrefully select according to the high quality of our materials.

The most important little things

We import the products from European producers of wooden floors , which has many years of experience in the production of high-quality wooden products with an amazing variety of colors and patterns. As a result each element is neatly crafted. In conclusion every detail is thought out. To sum up the effect of our work will stay with you for years.