Warping the floor

Warping the floor, as well as lifting and bending it, are other problems. In the previous article, we covered the most common floor problems. In other words, any scratches, dents and squeaks. Today we will touch upon the subject of ‘variations’ of the floor after installation.

The reasons

Warping is also known as the depressions of the board. Consequently, the center of the board is low and the edges are high. Another name is crowning. Consequently, the center of the board is high and the edges are low. The situation where the board is moving away from the ground is lifting. Slots are small spaces. For example, they appear when installed between the boards.

Firstly, remember to acclimatize your boards! For the sake of clarification, this reduces the chance of any of the defects described above.

Secondly, moisture. Its level should be constant! Moisture from above causes bending. Moisture from below causes bubbles. Surely, different levels can cause rifts.

Thirdly, the expansion joint! In short, it is very much needed! In other words, it allows the boards to slide naturally without negative effects.

Warping the floor – treatment

Any of the symptoms described above can occur due to moisture. First of all, start by eliminating its source. To clarify, if moisture enters from above, a dehumidifier, an open window, or vents are enough. Further, if it is from the bottom, you need specialist advice. Then the matter gets more complicated.
Then, after removing the source of moisture, the floor should return to its natural state. AFTER that, if the problem persists, raise some or even all of the floor. Then you can do several things.

Firstly, reduce the size of the board a little so that they cannot press against each other.

Secondly, try replacing the boards with fresh and simple ones.

Thirdly, remove the entire floor with an expansion joint. Of course this is the last resort

All in all, there are many aspects to consider when deciding on a new floor. And problems that often arise. On our Instagram you will get tips on how to care for your floor. Be sure to follow us there!