Textures, floor layouts and finishes

Textures, floor layouts and finishes are the next most important trends of 2021. In the previous post, we mentioned that we will be entering the new year with new fashionable floors. In other words, it is the perfect moment to refresh our interiors, both physical and residential. Therefore, many of us plan to buy a house, flat, or renovate the existing flat. It is worth getting inspired by the latest trends. You can read about the most popular colors of 2021 here.   Today we will present you the most fashionable textures, layouts of wooden floors and finishes.


In the new year, textures will play a big role in the 2021 flooring trends. Engineering wood flooring, perfectly imitating classic wooden floors, are the most frequently chosen and the most advantageous option. The more that happens, the better. Above all, the more textures the better. . Including distressed, reclaimed, wire-brushed, hand-scraped – are the most popular options. All in all, anything with emphasized hardwood-like texture is among wood floors 2021.

Floor layouts

The floor layouts play a big role in the final look of your floor. In other words, we pay a lot of attention to the final arrangement of each board. Certainly, the most fashionable in 2021 will be: herringbone, diagonal, chevron, hexagonal, and wide boards. Each of these systems can be applied to different flooring materials. Most importantly, this is true for both wood flooring and all other flooring trends in 2021.


In the coming year, three types of wooden floor finishing will be the most fashionable. We can also find them in ceramics and laminate. Smooth and glossy woods, matte or no shine and oil-like and yet natural-looking glow style option are the most popular of the 2021 trends.


In conclusion, the variation in color, textures, floor layouts and finishes in flooring trends in 2021 is huge. However, each of us will find something for ourselves and create the floor of our dreams according to our style and preferences.