Perfect Floors Bathroom

Perfect floors for a bathroom is above all the ones we like. We deviate from the belief that only tiles will work in the bathroom. In other words, at the moment, we have many other alternatives. We combine different styles, textures and products. Firstly, the most important aspect is the ease of keeping the floor clean. It is known that the bathroom is a damp room. Therefore, the product we decide to use should be 100% waterproof.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to a few options to help you make the decision in choosing the perfect floors for a bathroom.


The most popular option for lining a bathroom floor is tiles. Terracotta with a non-slip surface will be your best choice. It is worth paying attention to the material from which the tiles are made, so that it does not require additional impregnation from time to time. This will ensure trouble-free cleaning. Above all, everyone should choose something for themselves, due to the huge selection of patterns, patterns and colors.


Unfortunately, most types of wood will not work in a bathroom. Only solid boards with high stability and low shrinkage will find their application there. For example, solid boards made of exotic teak, iroko or merbau wood. Thermization that is, giving strength properties means that some types of wood can be used in the bathroom. However, such a floor must always be oiled or varnished. The undoubted advantage of a wooden floor is the warmth that we feel when we put bare feet on it.


Natural material, does not absorb water, resistant to mold and fungus development. Warm to the touch acoustic and thermal insulator. But on the other hand, it gets dirty quickly, which is its biggest drawback. We cover the floor with panels or tiles.

Resin floor

An option for those who like extravagance. We pour the material directly onto the floor. Therefore, you can embed a variety of decorative elements in it. Above all, this form of flooring is easy to keep clean.

Concrete floor

If you decide to have an industrial bathroom, a concrete floor will be an interesting solution. However, this floor requires polishing and regular impregnation to create a water-resistant layer. In other words, to prevent mold and fungus from growing.

Laminated panels

There is a line of laminate panels typically intended for bathrooms, but remember to quickly remove excess water from the panels as they may be damaged.

PVC – flexible floor coverings – the best floors?

Durable, inexpensive, easy to clean and install. Above all, they are water and moisture resistant and pleasant to touch. Among them we can find products in various styles and materials. For example linoleum flooring, synthetic rubber and vinyl flooring. A large selection of colors and materials means that everyone can find something for themselves.

Perfect floors bathroom what to choose?

All in all, we’ve briefly outlined the best bathroom flooring. If you need more information, read our previous entries and be sure to check out our instagram. We’re always eager to help you make a decision.