Flooring trends 2021

Flooring trends 2021 come with the new year. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Therefore, we have great hope that the new year 2021 will bring us new opportunities and allow us to fulfill these small and big dreams. First of all, those concerning our interiors, because it is at home that we should feel best. It is known that each of us wants his home to be beautiful, cozy, aesthetic and romantic. The floor is the ground of every room. This is where we start to create our little kingdom. As a result, we want it to be perfect.

Timeless wood – engineered wood flooring

We have already written about the fact that wood does not go out of fashion, so the perfect choice is an engineered wooden floor. It is not as problematic as a classic wooden floor, but it looks just as impressive in terms of appearance. Most importantly, among the flooring trends 2021, wood takes the leading positions, offering a wide range of products tailored to any interior and style.

Perfect floor colors

The most popular colors in 2021 are:


light brown

darker cool shades

– two-tone combinations

In the coming year, cool, unsaturated shades will reign. It leaves the floors in shades of yellow, warm, seemingly cozy. In other words, the most fashionable is the Scandinavian, cold, gray style. Most importantly, this type of flooring suits all colors and types of furniture. As a result, the floor becomes the base and the decor can be changed over the years. In conclusion, invest in a good engineering wood plank floor or herringbone engineered wood. Then you can admire your new floor that matches the flooring trends 2021.

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