A Definitive Guide to Coloured Hardwood Floors

A building’s hominess is directly proportional to its tailor-made coloured hardwood flooring hue, and as fads come and go, you can update the flooring to reflect the changing tastes of your clientele. Since opinions vary, it’s more important to go with what you truly desire than with what is famous now.

The use of hardwood flooring is on the upswing and is quickly becoming a preferred option over other materials. Hardwood flooring is increasingly popular among homeowners because of its timeless beauty and resilience. This article is a comprehensive guide on hardwood floors and will cover every facet of the topic.

  • Ash

Hardwood flooring made of ash, with its naturally pale colour, can be used significantly in this regard. Spaces with dark-shaded furnishings benefit greatly from its aesthetic. It is not only sturdy but also resistant to damage from regular use. One of its best features is that it is cheaper than competing options. Be aware, nevertheless, that the lighter shade will necessitate more frequent cleaning and upkeep.

  • Cherry

A stylish and eye-catching addition to any home, cherry hardwood flooring is a great choice. It comes in a deep, dark, and reddish-brown shade that works well with lighter furnishings. You also won’t have to clean it as often. The dust and scratches on it, though, may be more noticeable.

  • Oak

Oak hardwood flooring is an excellent option if you dislike using area rugs or mats on your hard floors. These are not only highly durable, but they are also less likely to be dented or scratched. They are a one-time purchase that rarely needs repairs. Hardwoods of this sort are available in a wide range of colours, from nearly colourless to deep crimson.

  • Mahogany

Do you want to give your room a sophisticated, non-traditional appearance? Mahogany wood may be the greatest option. It’s more expensive than some alternate solutions, but it’s well worth it after you put it in place. You won’t have to shell out cash for fixes and upkeep frequently. It’s the only hardwood that improves with age, while all others deteriorate.

  • Pine

Pine may be the last material on the list, but it doesn’t make it any less valuable. Pinholes, knots, and deep colour make pine hardwood a sought-after material. You can find it cheaply, but if you need it to endure a long time, you must treat it with care.

  • Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is made of one continuous plank of wood. Typically, the thickness of a concrete hardwood floor is between 3/4 and 5/16 of an inch. Any space above ground level is suitable for installing solid hardwoods (above ground). For example, solid wood plank flooring may be refinished multiple times, which is only one of its numerous advantages. Rooms that could benefit from a solid wood floor include the living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, and powder room. The only place solid hardwood flooring wouldn’t be appropriate is in a basement, but even that problem can be solved.


Because of their classic appeal, hardwood floors have remained a popular flooring option for decades. Not only do they look fantastic, but who doesn’t want to imitate a famous movie star and slide on a shiny hardwood floor in their socks? Tailor-made coloured hardwood flooring has the potential to transform a house into a cosy abode.